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Lions Mane Mushroom (hericium erinaceus) is one of the most popular nootropic mushroom products on the market in Ireland. Famous for its unusual appearance, that of a lion’s tousled mane, this mushroom is an excellent source of nutrition as it is naturally packed with antioxidants. It can be hard to source quality, potent Lions Mane extract so let us do the hard work for you. Try our liquid extract today.





Our Lion’s Mane (hericium erinaceus) supplement is made using only food-grade, high quality ingredients, all sourced within the EU. We utilise the highest level extraction process in the industry, Assisted Ultrasonic Extraction, to extract the beneficial compounds of this well-known mycelium and create the ultimate mushroom formula for our customers.

We take pride in our liquid extracts over capsule or powder forms as liquid allows for maximum absorption of mycelium compounds into the body. This method of supplementation enhances the ability of the mushroom extract’s properties to absorb fully and to work to its full potential. 

Try our Lion’s Mane Oil tincture if you want to fight a lack of energy or that dreaded afternoon slump. Tired in the morning or post lunch break? Add the Dr. Mush Me Lion’s Mane formula to a balanced diet and improve your lifestyle today.

Used since as far back as ancient times and still used in Chinese medicine, this variety of nootropic mushroom is known to benefit brain function in humans. Cognition is the main reason why people choose to supplement with Lion’s Mane as it is renowned for boosting cognition in many ways.

Evidence shows the benefits this fungus offers the brain can include memory improvement, increased focus and energy and an overall enhancement of brain function. There are many uses for lions mane mushroom as a health or foods supplement. But as we all differ, please note the potential effects on the body and mind will vary from one person to another. Overall lions mane is a great addition to any adult’s diet.

Feel free to contact our expert team with any questions you have. You can also read through our customers reviews.

Nootropic is a term which refers to any substance that improves cognition or brain function. This can relate to mood, memory, energy and more. Natural nootropic substances include mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, ReishiChaga, and another famous nootropic which people use daily is caffeine. Please note all our supplements are only suitable for adults.  If you need more advice please contact us directly with any questions.

This fungus has been the topic of many research studies and study trials including those on anxiety, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, weight loss and more. People choose to supplement with this edible mushroom to achieve a variety of health benefits and for general wellness however we do not sell this supplement with the intention of treatment or cure of any diseases.

We sell this product solely as a food supplement and do not make any medical claims regarding its use. We cannot advise visitors to our site on the use of lion’s mane mushroom for the treatment of symptoms or promise any specific results. Our role is to guide you in the right direction in terms of product choice and answer questions you have regarding product ingredients, testing and more.

Effects of any diet supplement will vary from person to person but lions mane is anecdotally known to have an energising effect on the body among other positive side effects. We recommend all customers to do some research of their own online before purchase or to check out the articles on our blog for more detailed information.

One way to add the nutrients of nootropic mushrooms to your diet is to use a mushroom tincture like the products sold here at Dr. Mush Me. Just like any other vitamins or minerals you may take daily, lions mane is best used on a regular basis.

Draw up the liquid extract from the tincture (glass bottle) using the dropper. Position the dropper under the tongue and squeeze the top to release the dose. Hold the liquid in place under the tongue for at least 1 minute. After this time you can swallow the excess if any or take a drink to wash any leftover taste from your mouth.

If you prefer not to place the drops in the mouth, all our mushroom extracts can be added to drinks or food such as smoothies, shakes, tea and other food or drink recipes.

There is a sharp taste from our nootropic mushroom supplements but this only lasts minutes or the length of time you let the liquid sit under the tongue. The extract absorbs quickly into the system via the gums and users become accustomed to the taste quickly.

If you are particularly sensitive to new or strong flavours you can always add our Lion’s Mane extract to a fruity smoothie, tea or even to food. Never miss out on the power of nootropics with our easy-to-use tinctures. The content of our tinctures is food-grade and all products undergo testing to eliminate any risk of contamination from substances like metals or chemicals.

Simple! This edible mushroom is cream in colour and grows in the shape of a male lion’s mane. Just like the hair of the king of the savanna and Africa grasslands, Lion’s Mane mushrooms sport long, dangling spines. This feature makes this member of the tooth fungus family easy to spot in nature. Often they grow on hardwood and can be spotted hanging from the bark of trees.

Dr. Mush Me sell all types of functional mushrooms to suit the needs of all our customers. The amount of beneficial compounds in each varies depending on which option you choose. Some are known for energy and focus while others aid sleep or impact immunity levels.

This fungus grows in many parts of the world including Europe, North America and Asia. It grows on hardwood including beech, birch and even oak trees. In Europe Lion’s Mane is that bit more difficult to source and so we cultivate our mushrooms in a controlled environment in Poland to ensure they are of the highest quality.

Here at Dr. Mush Me we specialise in the sale of nootropic mushrooms in the form of food or dietary supplements. Our mushroom extracts are made into easy-to-use liquid extracts for daily use.

Visit the dedicated product page below for more information on our most popular product – Lions Mane mushroom extract.

We are not health professionals and all products on this website are sold at food supplement status. We do not offer medical or health advice regarding the treatment or therapy of specific health conditions or for symptoms such as pain, inflammation, stress, cancer, diabetes, blood sugar levels, allergies or others. 

If you are concerned about the potential safety of taking lions mane mushroom alongside other treatments we suggest you speak to your doctor first before a purchase. All visitors to our site should do some research of their own on lions mane supplementation and the number of reasons men and women choose to add this mushroom to their diets. 

All plant-based nootropic substances are known to naturally interact with the brain and the cells in the nervous system. Brain health / cognitive function is a prime example for the use of this extract. 

We take care to test our mushroom extracts for any unnecessary chemicals or pesticides. The growth of our range of nootropic compounds takes place in a controlled environment where growth activity is carefully monitored and managed.

If you experience any adverse changes or digestive issues when supplementing with nootropic mushrooms then stop all dosages and contact a healthcare professional. 

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