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Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine practice, Reishi mushroom extract has been a popular choice in the continent of Asia for more than 2,000 years. This beneficial mushroom is known to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune-enhancing properties. It is known to help alleviate stress and promote better sleep in its users.

Reishi supplements are available in various forms, but here at Dr. Mush Me we specialise in liquid extract tinctures. Why? Because liquid supplements absorb quickly into the body via the mucous membranes under our tongues. Skip the digestive process and get the maximum benefit out of your nootropic fungi supplements with us at Dr. Mush Me.

Our reishi mushroom extract is created with a restful sleep in mind, and to naturally boost the immunity of the user. Popular for thousands of years this fungus is used by a wide variety of people in daily life to promote a healthy sleep, and to calm the mind. There is research study evidence to show its ability to naturally support the immune system and that it is useful as an anti-inflammatory.

Please note mushroom extracts such as reishi are sold as dietary supplements only. They are to be used as part of a balanced food diet and not to replace a meal or any other form of treatment for health conditions. Always speak to a healthcare provider such as a doctor or pharmacist before adding a new supplement to your diet and you are taking long-term medications. 

Reishi extract is known traditionally for a variety of different uses. Although men and women choose to supplement with nootropics to help with different types of health condition we cannot offer any health advice to customers regarding our products. 

You can take our mushroom oils at any time of day but if using for sleep the industry recommendation is to take reishi extract before sleep. Leave your supplementation until later in the day, evening time or anytime before bed to support a good night’s sleep and rest the mind. Place an oil dose under your tongue and hold in place for 90 seconds or more to absorb fully. You can also add the dose to tea, coffee or a smoothie!

The shape of reishi mushroom is often compared to a kidney or a fan. It is red-brown in colour and grows into a flat cap. We use the dried fruiting body of the mushroom to create our oils and include no unnecessary fillers such as grains to our products. Just like other vitamins and minerals you may take daily, use reishi mushroom oil daily for or every other day for best use.

As with other nootropic mushrooms, reishi typically grows on dead or decaying hardwood trees and stumps in forests. In China, people grow reishi using a log of hardwood placed under layers of soil to create the correct conditions for the cultivation of this mushroom.

We cultivate reishi mushroom in a controlled environment in our EU facility, utilising the optimal extraction process for functional mushrooms – Assisted Ultrasonic Extraction. This method and process surpasses all others and guarantees the utmost quality for our customers.

Visit the dedicated laboratory test page on this website to learn more about essential product testing in the mycelium supplement industry. We test all our mushroom extract for chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals to avoid any risk of contamination. Results of such third-party tests can be found on this category page and relevant product pages. Verified reports are available for all customers to view before or after purchase from Dr. Mush Me. The safety of our supplement products is our top priority.

Please note that the benefits of a reishi mushroom dose are only recommended for adults (not children). While research studies and anecdotal evidence support the use of reishi for a number of health benefits, promoting positive side effects, we do not make any such medical claims regarding the use of our products.

Dr. Mush Me do not promote the use of our products for the treatment of symptoms or as a cure for diseases. This includes treatments for fatigue, anxiety, cholesterol levels, cancer, pain, diabetes, blood pressure regulation, depression, inflammation or others.

If you wish to supplement with reishi mushroom to benefit the heart, lungs, stomach or brain, we advise all users to do some research online to gather more information. Visit our blog page for example to learn more about the potential uses for this nootropic. If you experience any problems with or changes to digestion we suggest to stop use of the supplement and consult a health care advisor. 

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